2021 BITD Laughlin Desert Classic

A strong roster of Dougan-powered trucks showed up to the two-day Laughlin Desert Classic race. Racers would cover 68 miles each day. Their overall results for the weekend would be determined by a combined time from each day.

BJ Baldwin, in the #97 Black Rifle Coffee truck came out determined to go to work. He qualified 4th and finished top 5 on day 1. The field was stacked with strong competitors and BJ brought home the win for day 2!

Steve Olliges had a 7th place finish on day one and 3rd place on day two, giving him a combined finish of 4th for the weekend.

Robert Johnston took 6th place on day one after starting dead last in the pack.  He may have won the road crossing jump for the weekend, though!

The #58 of Tracy Graf had a rollover accident on the first day, but the team was able to fix up the truck for day 2. Graf took it easy during Sunday’s race and finished 6th.

In 6100, Ray Griffith finished 10th on day one and 4th on day two, giving them an overall result of 6th for the weekend.

Team DRE

Laughlin Desert Classic

Day 1
5th – BJ Baldwin #97
6th – Robert Johnston #54
7th – Steve Olliges #27

10th – Ray Griffith #6153

Day 2
1st – BJ Baldwin
3rd – Steve Olliges #27
6th – Tracy Graf #58
11th – Josh De Jong #17

4th – Ray Griffith #6153

Overall Weekend Results
3rd – BJ Baldwin #97
4th – Steve Olliges #27
10th – Tracy Graf #58