Dougans has been machining and building engines for over thirty years. We’d like to take a minute and talk about some of the different styles and varieties of engines with which we’ve been involved over the years.

In the off road applications we offer engines for trophy trucks, Class 8, pro trucks, prerunners, and more. We have engine packages that include carburated, fuel-injected, throttle body, 8 stack, and offer complete packages from air cleaner to oil pan including wiring harness and accessory drive systems for many different applications. At Dougans our packages include more than just components – we provide top of the line services to keep you running hard and winning races mile after mile. We also provide in-house dyno testing, tuning, and engine development on carburated and fuel-injected systems.

Our other off road programs are short-course racing, Pro 2, and Pro 4. In years past we have been involved with drag boats, both IHBA and NJBA, and circle track racing with APBA. Other series that we have been involved with include stock cars, both dirt track and pavement, sprint cars, street stock, super stocks, and superlate models at local and divisional tracks.

The diversity of experiences is to the benefit of our clients as we have developed a well-rounded approach that places us in a unique position in the field. Owner Ray Field has been fortunate enough to have worked with many award-winning clients to build custom racing engines that have gained a reputation in the racing world as consistent, dependable winners.