2022 BITD Vegas to Reno

This year’s Vegas to Reno changed up by the mile. Weather took a toll on the course before the race even started, making course changes up until the green flag dropped. Despite challenges along the way, Team DRE finished in 6 of the Top 10 spots in the 495-mile race.

Qualifying took place earlier in the week, where Bryce Menzies would lock in the top starting position for race day. Not far behind him was Toby Price, wheeling the 2WD G6 truck of Paul Weel, in 4th. Toby and Paul announced they will be teaming up for this year’s Baja 400 and 1000 as well. Robert Johnston qualified 6th with teammate Sara Price in 8th. Tracy Graf and Steve Olliges would wrap up the top 10 qualifiers.

Bryce Menzies held the lead up until the transfer section of the race, where he suffered 3 flat tires. He lost a position, made it back, got another flat tire putting him back to second place again where he would finish. While it wasn’t the finish the team was hoping for, Menzies Motorsports changed the game during this race, with a flawless live feed from inside the truck and the helicopter throughout the entire 495-mile race. A great run and a solid finish for the #7!

Robert Johnston ran a clean race all day, avoiding trouble and making good time on the leaders. Johnston started in 6th place and would bring home a 3rd place podium finish for this race!

Tracy Graf and teammate Justin Smith started mid-pack and faced an issue with the jack during a flat that put them down on a time a bit. Other than that they had a great race, powered through and crossed the line in 5th place.

Sam Baldi started 13th, kept a good pace and finished 7th.

Current BITD points leader, BJ Baldwin, started in the back of the pack after a rough qualifying lap. The #97 pulled off a top ten finish, coming in 9th.

Steve Olliges split the race with Rob MacCachren, who stepped in for Mark Newhan for this race. They finished 10th in class.

Behind them was Kevin Mcgillivray, finishing 11th in the #56 and Nic Whetstone in 12th.

Sara Price faced some mechanical issues before the transfer section, putting them behind on time. They still finished, bringing the #78 across the finish in 15th.

Toby Price and Paul Weel had a few issues half-way through the race and decided to call it. They will be back for the 400 next month.

Team DRE Finishing Order:

2nd – Bryce Menzies #7
3rd – Robert Johnston #12
5th – Tracy Graf #58
7th – Sam Baldi #82
9th – BJ Baldwin #97
10th – Steve Olliges #27
11th – Kevin Mcgillivray #56
12th – Nic Whetstone #18
15th – Sara Price #78