Podium Finishes in the 2021 Baja 1000 Peninsula Run

The Baja 1000, the most prestigious, toughest and longest consecutive off-road race in the world is a true test of racers and their vehicles. This year was the infamous point-to-point run, taking racers 1226 miles down the Baja California peninsula. Bryce Menzies started out front and took a strong lead early on. The team unfortunately faced some issues mid-way through the race, taking them out of the running. Tavo.. read the full story here

2021 BITD Laughlin Desert Classic

A strong roster of Dougan-powered trucks showed up to the two-day Laughlin Desert Classic race. Racers would cover 68 miles each day. Their overall results for the weekend would be determined by a combined time from each day. BJ Baldwin, in the #97 Black Rifle Coffee truck came out determined to go to work. He qualified 4th and finished top 5 on day 1. The field was stacked with strong competitors and BJ brought hom.. read the full story here

A Win and 7 Top 10 Finishes for Dougans Racing Engines at the Baja 400

This year’s Baja 400 doubled as a qualifier for the Super Bowl of off-road, the Baja 1000. A good finishing position in this race means a good starting position for the 1000 in November. Drivers were at the top of their game as they gunned for the top spot in this brutal 400-mile battle. San Felipe 250 winner Bryce Menzies qualified first and never looked back. The #7 AWD Mason truck powered through the 400-mile c.. read the full story here

Top 3 Finishes for Team DRE at Vegas 2 Reno

The longest single-day off-road race in the United States was a literal race to the finish this year! Steve Olliges and his team brought home a 2nd place finish with BJ Baldwin in 3rd! Qualifying started out looking similar to last year as back-to-back V2R winner, Bryce Menzies, took the top spot. However behind him things got interesting. Off-road veteran BJ Baldwin qualified 2nd with a time of 04:35.9. Less than a.. read the full story here

Top 5 Finishes for Team DRE at a Wild Baja 500

The 2021 Baja 500 was action-packed, to say the least!  Twenty-five of the top Trophy Truck drivers battled within seconds of each other to the finish line. After the finish, reports of penalizable actions were made and the SCORE Competition Review Board took 2 days to review before releasing official results. Dougans Racing Engines trucks would come out 2-3-4 overall! Andy McMillin, who finished 3rd in the San Fe.. read the full story here

2-3-4 for Dougans Racing Engines at the First Annual Baja Nevada Race

The first annual Legacy Racing Association Baja Nevada race took place last weekend. This 2-day event took racers from Alamo to Tonopah, then from Tonopah to Pahrump, NV; approximately 300 miles per day. Times from Day 1 and Day 2 would be combined for overall finishing results. Tracy Graf, Eric Hustead, and Steve Sourapas brought out their Dougans-equipped Trucks to compete. Eric Hustead, in the #38, started off t.. read the full story here

Silver State 300 6100 WIN and 5 Top Ten Finishes for DRE

The Silver State 300 always provides intense, close racing as some of the top drivers compete on a short 280-mile course. Majority of the course is single-track, making it difficult to pass in most areas. Qualifying for this year’s race was cancelled so racers started in finishing order from the previous BITD race. Coming off a 5th place finish in the SCORE San Felipe 250 a couple weeks ago, Jax Redline was ready .. read the full story here

4 Top Five Finishes for Dougans Racing Engines at San Felipe 250

The SCORE International series kicked off last weekend in San Felipe with a massive entry list of 269 racers. Fans and racers were excited to head back down south for this year’s 250 after being cancelled last year. The race was bound to be action packed with a stacked field and 280-miles of desert racing. Team DRE came out strong, with 4 finishers in the Top 5 and 6 in the Top 10. Qualifying was a challenge for d.. read the full story here

Dougans Engines Win in T1 and B1 at 2021 King of the Hammers

The annual King of the Hammers race is infamous for its tough terrain; a true endurance test of the vehicles and the drivers. However, if you are one of the lucky ones to make it to the finish line, there is a $50,000 waiting for first place. This year, Trophy Trucks (T1), Class 1 (B1) and 6100 (T2) would race together. The course structure differs from most other series, as the course switches from a 40-mile loop to.. read the full story here

Action-Packed BITD 2021 Season Opener

This year’s BITD Parker 425 kept us on our toes, with a different leader both physically and on corrected time almost every lap. For most racers, this would be the first race of the 2021 season. Qualifying was cancelled due to COVID restrictions, so starting order was on random draw. Steve Olliges in the #27 started on the pole. Olliges lead most of the first lap until Josh DeJong would take the physical lead near.. read the full story here

Dougans Racing Engines Battle Up Front in the 53rd Annual Baja 1000

The longest, and arguably the most brutal off-road desert race took place in Ensenada, Baja California last weekend. The 53rd Annual SCORE Baja 1000 saw 18 Trophy Trucks start, 10 of which had Dougans-powered engines. Bryce Menzies and Andy McMillin teamed up for this year’s 1000, racing Bryce’s AWD Mason truck. Because neither driver competed in the Baja 500, they would have to start in the back of the pack. Br.. read the full story here

Dougans Engines Racers Finish BITD Season on a High Note

The roster for the 2020 BITD Bluewater Desert Challenge was stacked with a lot of talent. This 2-day, season finale race would mark the end of a crazy season for Best in the Desert. In qualifying, Eric Hustead in the #38 took 5th with the #49 of Craig Curtis behind him in 6th. Tracy Graf qualified 7th in the pack of 25 Trick Trucks. Josh Daniel, driving the #4 RPM truck qualified 9th. Dust played a huge part in bo.. read the full story here